Classes and Studio Information


*All classes include clay, glaze, and firing plus open studio time for the duration of the session


  • 10-noon we're offering a new sculpting and hand building class with Ginger oakes, featured artist in the current issue of Art Chowder
  • 6-8 pm Wheel Throwing and Hand Building with Sean Benson – 5 Week Class $150.00 includes everything you will need.


  • 10-Noon  Wheel Throwing with Peter Glarborg– 5 Week Class $150.00
  • 4-6 pm Kid's Class with Liz Boyze - 5 Week Class $125.
  • 6-8 pm  Wheel Throwing  with Matt Popp– 5 Week Class $150.00


  •  6-8 pm  Wheel Throwing with Ken Scott– 5 Week Class $150.00


  • 10-Noon  Wheel Throwing with Matt Popp– 5 Week Class $150.00


This is a four week class for 3 to 6 people taught by Conrad Bagley. Please contact me either by email at or call the studio for class schedule.   Class is $328.00 you can pay per class.  includes everything you need.


Tuesday - 6-8pm This is a workshop designed to cover the basics if cutting and designing small pieces such as pendants, barrettes, and small tiles. Includes everything you need.  Taught by Linnell Hinchey. Cost $40.



HOURLY - $10.00/HR includes use of the studio but does not include clay, glazing, instruction, or firing.

WEEKLY - $55.00/WK includes use of studio, glazing, and firing of items made in studio. Clay, additional firing, or instruction, are not included.

WORKSHOPS - $55.00 includes 5 lbs of clay for one project, 2 hours of instruction, glazing and firing of your piece. Additional firings are not included.

CLASS (5 weeks) $150.00 includes 2 hours of instruction per week, unlimited open studio during session. You may purchase one bag of studio clay for $2.50 or get a coupon for $2.50 for manufactured clay. Three firings per item. We are no longer pro-rating classes. If you need to add weeks to a session it will be at the weekly rate. 

OPEN STUDIO - $100/month This is for experienced potters and hand builders that don't need instruction.  Includes glazing and firing, does not include clay.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION - $50.00/HR . Come learn what  you want to know on your own time. Plaster, updated techniques, new ideas, specific projects, kiln maintenance or usage. Clay, glazing, and firing are not included. Make arrangements in advance.

PARTY - $50.00 booking fee (non-refundable) and $25.00 per person. Includes 3 lbs of clay each person, 2 hours of instruction, same day glazing, project picked by the booker, one time glazing. Minimum of 8 people.

*Any item taller or wider than 12 inches will cost extra for glazing and firing.

12 - 15 inches $24.75

16 - 17 inches $33.00

18 - 24 inches $49.50